Now Offering Route Package Protection at No Cost on Every Order!



What is Route Package Protection? offers outstanding insurance coverage and delivery tracking for ecommerce sales. It's a high quality, high value protection for the items you've ordered from Said Beautifully. We have chosen to provide it at no additional cost to you as yet another way to demonstrate our high level of commitment to customer satisfaction! Even if you discover you need to make a claim outside business hours, Route will take your claim -- just a few clicks, upload a picture or two and describe the situation. Click ENTER and let Route go to work. You can even do it in your pajamas! It's OK, you never have to leave your house to take care of a claim, should you have one!

What exactly is covered by this Route Protection?

Normally, when a shipment leaves the production facility, we have completed our commitment to fulfilling your order. Various shippers are used depending on volume and, sometimes, location. That makes it nearly impossible to price insurance because it definitely varies depending on provider. Route standardizes the cost for us so we always know what to expect and we feel it's worth that expense to make sure you'll feel valued and want to return to our shop over and over!

Route offers:

  1. Replacement of any item(s) damaged during shipping. If a gorilla stands on your sign and bends it even a little, it's covered. If it's bent into a horseshoe, it's covered. If the box is damaged and your item is beat up or scratched, yep, covered again.
  2. Replacement of a shipment that indicates it's been delivered but, if it was, maybe it wasn't to YOUR door. Whether or not the shipper provides a photograph of the delivery, if it isn't there, you can file a claim.
  3. Porch Pirates strikes. Maybe you weren't home when the delivery was made and your video doorbell shows an unscrupulous individual plucking your package from your doorstep. That's covered too. Please see full policy details including documentation requirements at this link.

What does Route do if my claim is approved?

Route will reorder the exact same item(s) that were on your order and damaged/misdelivered/stolen, directly from our store. Your order will process again WITH ROUTE PROTECTION so you're still protected even on this second order! Our expectation is that lightning rarely strikes once -- let alone twice -- so your package should arrive in fine condition within standard production/shipping parameters.

What is my responsibility here?

When your order ships, you'll receive an email from Route with a tracking link in it. It will also have a link to report a claim. Generally, you must wait at least 5 days past the date delivery is indicated. You just open the link, enter any information they request, upload imagery to show what damage has occurred -- it's just a few mouse clicks and you'll have submitted your request. Our experience is that you will be notified in short order of the actions that will be taken or if more information is needed. Your ultimate responsibility was to thoughtfully select and then buy the perfect item for yourself or a special recipient. Route's responsibility is to assure that the perfect gift is received in perfect shape, as ordered.

Are there limitations to Route Coverage?

Yes, there are. Please see full policy details including documentation requirements at this link. Generally, limitations involve shipping and delivery related issues. If there is a deviation from your input in your sign's text or it arrives with the wrong color, that's not a Route thing. That's on us, Said Beautifully. For those types of issues, please send an email to Be sure to include your order number, a picture of the plaque and a quick description of the issue. Remember that regards text, we produce exactly what's been input -- or at least that's what should happen 100% of the time. If you've mistakenly entered an incorrect spelling, date, or other data that is not something that can be replaced at no cost. But absolutely, let's talk and see what we can do!