Metal Art FAQs

Where is your metal wall art made?

Our metal wall art is designed, created, customized and shipped from our production partner's facilities across the United States! Your order is routed to the facility closest to your address, depending on production volumes to assure you get your order as quickly as possible. Generally, it takes up to 5 business days to queue and produce each piece and shipping takes approximately 5 business days, depending on current shipping conditions.

How is your metal wall art customized?

We provide the base design and YOU provide the name that will be laser cut into your piece. You are able to select from several powder coated colors on our steel products. Then you can input your text to available customization areas -- you'll see input boxes on each product listing that are specific to available input areas on each piece. Please note the production info that's provided on each listing page about what can or cannot be reproduced on each piece as far as characters. Character limits are clearly indicated on each sign's listing page and the input boxes will not allow you to enter more.

Remember, what you provide is precisely what you should get and misspellings cannot be verified prior to production. If you quickly become aware that you've given an incorrect spelling or date, please contact us immediately at and, if the order hasn't entered into production we may be able to make necessary changes. Once it's been produced, it would have to be re-ordered correctly by you. If we can offer a discount to you, we will do that!

I don't like the color of the piece I bought -- will you re-do it in a different metal?

We're really sorry that you're not happy with the piece you ordered. We offer images of each color so that you can see what each color will look like when you receive your plaque and we do our best to provide as accurate a representation as possible. If you feel that the color IS the correct color but that the example picture was not accurate, please send an email to containing your order number and an image of the piece in normal daylight so we can review it with Quality Assurance. If we determine that the piece has been discolored somehow, we will absolutely provide you with a replacement in the color of your choosing. 

Can I hang my metal wall art outside safely?

Great question! All pieces are powder coated and so are fine to have outdoors! You'll experience years (or decades!) of glorious metal art regardless of the piece you choose.

I'm a realtor and I want to have a steady supply of one of the signs as a "thank you" gift to my clients -- do you offer bulk discounts?

We think that's a great idea -- realtors, builders, remodelers and others can build their brand with these quality, one of a kind items. They are substantial so families will be very impressed and appreciative of their personalized signs in their new homes! Yes, we have volume-based bulk pricing available. If you would please send us an email at with the number of products you project needing per year, your contact info and when you think you would like to start this program, we'll give you a quote back ASAP! Please remember that it does take up to 5 business days to produce and 5 or so business days to ship -- you'll want to build that into your production requests so you have the wall art ready on closing day! We look forward to working with you on your brand!