The Love Shack

Pick a romantic occasion: Valentine's Day, your anniversary, your special someone's birthday... maybe it's not an occasion at all. Maybe it's "just because"! We offer a number of items that will help you put what you feel in your heart right in front of your signifant other so he or she will have no doubt about exactly how you feel. We can send heartfelt and sentimental glass message displays with pendant necklace sets, printed message cards with lovely jewelry and some really thoughtful (and, in some cases, funny) romantic drinkware ranging from 11 and 15 oz standard coffee mugs, latte mugs and insulated travel tumblers. So many options and they're all produced in and shipped from the United States! Let us help you find your voice!


Glass Message Display/Pendant Necklace Gift Sets lumen glass graphic message display art with heart love knot ribbon jewelry
Lovely Pendant Necklaces with Lovely Sentiments on Printed Message Cards Message Card Jewelry for Your Love Wife Girlfriend Fiance
Romantic Decor for Special People: Laser Cut Metal Wall Art, Stretched Graphic Canvas, Pillows/Pillow Covers and more
Love-Able Mugs, Latte Mugs


Romantic-al Mugs and Latte Mugs


Insulated Travel Tumblers Romantic Sentiment Travel Tumblers Mugs for Wife Fiance Husband Girlfriend Boyfriend Fiancee Significant Other