Jewelry FAQs

Where is your jewelry made?

Our jewelry is created, customized and shipped from our production partners' facilities in either Illinois or Florida!  Something you'll like is that they are usually lightning fast getting the pieces completed and shipped -- the quality is excellent!

What is this glass message display?

We're so glad you asked! We offer 3 levels of message jewelry: good, better and best. In the past, the only option for a sentimental message as a backer to a pretty piece of jewelry was a printed card -- that's GOOD. Then came a backer that was the actual cardboard behind the jewelry (not a separate piece of paper) -- this one is BETTER. Then.... drumroll.... a gorgeous piece of 1/4" thick glass printed with either one of our stock messages or with your custom text -- CLEARLY THE BEST! It comes with a peg stand that is installed through the glass and acts as a sort of "kickstand" to hold the message glass upright. So what you have is actually a jewelry set rather than a piece of jewelry with just a message card. The recipient has a beautiful piece of jewelry to wear and the message card is permanently printed on glass and can be displayed on her nightstand, her desk... anywhere that she wants to put it and be reminded of you on a daily basis! This is new to the print on demand jewelry world and a real upgrade over existing offerings.

How is your jewelry customized?

Some of our items can be personalized with your favorite image -- you upload it. You simply follow the prompts when you click to add the item to your cart. Those pieces may also be optionally engraved with a name, date or short message.

The majority of our jewelry is displayed atop a separate printed card or a backer card that has the message and graphic printed on a 1/4" thick piece of polished glass -- both types (Good and Better) contain a heartfelt sentiment focused on the recipient: a message to thank mom for her support and sacrifice, a message to a wife to show appreciation for everything she does for the family, etc. 

We can also customize a glass display message with names, messages or dates as you wish -- you'll find those in their own category on the homepage!

If you see a message card but it doesn't appear to be available on the piece of jewelry you want, please send us an email at -- we can likely pull that together for you!

In the next few months, we will be testing message cards that YOU can input the text for -- that will mean that YOUR unique and special message will show up when the box is opened by the recipient!

We also offer certain pieces which can be engraved with short texts, names, special words, dates, etc. 

The engraving isn't right on the piece I just received! How can I get that fixed?

First we'll need to determine whether we were provided with correct information and made a mistake in production. Please email us at and provide your order number along with a picture that shows the error so we can do a little research. If we're responsible for the error, we will immediately put in a re-order at our expense. If we produced exactly what was provided, that presents a different scenario. Since we have to rely on the information you provide, the piece can be re-ordered but it is not done free of charge. We stand behind the jewelry we sell and will correct any issue that arises on our side from production to quality. We will do our best to make as much of a price adjustment as possible to make this transaction as smooth as possible, even when we are not at fault. We love our happy customers.

What is a "Luxury" Box?

Our luxury box looks like Mahogany and is lit by an LED light! It really catches the facets on the CZ of any piece and makes it look all that much more stunning!  If you choose a standard box, that's no slouch either! It's an attractive way to present your piece too -- it just isn't as "special"! Check out the pictures in the listing to see how an item will look in either!