Rockstar Realtor Brand Building Program

  • Stand out in a large and growing field of realtors
  • Give your clients something that will make them remember you
  • Increase word of mouth referrals
  • Simplify your business life a little!
  • Choose from stock products (as shown) or design your own customized gift 
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       custom laser cut powder coated steel monogram name signcustom laser cut powder coated steel monogram family name signcustomized laser cut powder coated steel split letter monogram family name signpersonalized laser cut powder coat steel monogram family name metal signpersonalized custom laser cut steel monogram family name metal sign


      In the US, there are over 1.5 Million realtors and they work on average 35 hours per week. Hard work only goes so far – the “average” realtor only sells 12 homes per year and has income right around $50K. According to the National Association of Realtors, your reputation and relationships are key because 74% of folks say they would definitely use the same realtor again and 41% of people choose an agent based on a referral from a trusted family member or friend.  Those referrals are the gold nuggets of this industry -- a steady business stream is critical for successful realtors and crucial to your livelihood!

      Little Things Count!

      Real Estate is a highly competitive service profession – you need to stand out clearly from your competitors. Client customer service obviously goes a long way towards gaining trust and fostering a good working relationship but… what do your clients see AFTER they’ve signed on the dotted line to work with you, whether selling their current home or buying their next – and potentially FOREVER home – using you as their trusted representative?

      1. Maybe you keep in touch when they need to do, sign or submit something. Pretty much every realtor or their support team maintains that type of communication because they must so this isn’t an outstanding action.
      2. Perhaps you offer to arrange services to make worthy small changes in their space so their transition is smoother. Many (not all) will do this type of above and beyond so it’s obviously a good thing to do but probably not a huge differentiator either.
      3. Maybe you wait a little while after the big move and arrive on their doorstep with a wine and cheese basket in hand – it will be appreciated to be sure but is it going to be memorable? Will it cause them to bring your name up consistently every time someone even whispers that they’re looking for a good realtor?

      Maybe… but what if visitors to your clients’ homes, in effect, asked them about YOU?! And what if it didn’t cost any more than the wine and cheese basket or other temporary/consumable gift you might currently be using? And what if you didn't need to make a special trip to pick up one of those gift baskets so that you could spend a little more time with your family?

      Show up to closing or arrive on their their new doorstep with something personal, something custom, something substantial, something that very few realtors might even think of. Have confidence that you’re truly a “boss” because you know that arranging all of this required just a few clicks on your computer or smart phone. Now you’re proactively building your rockstar realtor brand as the attentive, caring, customer service-focused real estate professional who will stand in every gap and tend to every detail!


      Said Beautifully Gifts will help you to raise recognition in such a way that, regularly, your client will be reminded of the positive energy and support you brought to their transaction. And THAT should increase the number of referrals that that will lift you up over the average sales per year in your market!

      Our personalized monogram and address signs are powder coated for use and display inside or out. You can customize them to feature the family name and monogram (great when they’re selling and moving out of the area) or the address of their new digs when they’re buying via your services and staying local. Your client will see the sign all the time: maybe they’ll hang it over their fireplace, maybe they’ll install it near their front door or hang it over their garage gable – and, trust us, their friends will notice it and ask about it. A HUGE opportunity to have their positive real estate experience recounted and BOOM – there’s another referral!

      Be One of a Kind

      If you want a customized logo or image on a laser cut metal sign, provide us with existing artwork or an idea and we will work to have it turned into something that is uniquely yours!*

      How It Works

      • Sign up for Said Beautifully’s Rockstar Realtor Brand Builder Program. It’s not a subscription, no minimum to buy, no minimum time you must commit to stay, no cost to participate. We will work hard to make sure you WANT to stay with us because we’ll provide the kind of attentive service to you that YOU provide to YOUR clients.
      • The program allows you to select 3 signs that you can consistently choose from as your closing thank you gift for your clients. Change to different signs by contacting us! Tiered pricing based on on-going purchase volume will lower your costs with every order you place.
      • Your volume continually builds the longer you’re in the program – we do not reset it annually or restrict you in any way. Build your volume by ordering signs for your personal contacts at Christmas or other notable occasions – those count towards your volume too!
      • You will have an easy-to-access private landing page that contains the signs you’ve chosen to offer your clients. Your tiered pricing will be shown there and available ONLY to you and your team.
      • This will be YOUR tool – a way to easily integrate a little additional spot of graciousness and professionalism into your existing sales process.
      • You pay as you purchase. No prepayment or bulk purchase with draw down required.
      • You decide where we ship your orders, whether to your office or wherever you wish. We can also ship directly to your client’s address so you may send their sign them them at their new location without having to worry about moving one more item with their household belongings.
      • Give us three weeks and we will make sure the metal wall art you’ll present is in-hand when you need it. Just order when the closing date is set and let us do the rest! Signs generally take about 5 business days to produce and ship out but shipping entities are out of our control. You'll likely get your products far sooner than the 3 week "worst case" timeframe given! If you need it faster, we’ll do our best but the reality is that shippers and shipping conditions will dictate results and this is something truly beyond our control. But the relationship we have with our production partner is strong and we will bend over backwards to accommodate special requests.
      For more information, contact us here with
      your name, email, phone and any other info you care to share: 


      *Non-refundable fees may be associated with customization options including graphic design and machine set-up, depending on complexity of your request. The cost for each commissioned piece in the various sizes you wish to offer will be presented once design work is completed. Your custom design will be just that, custom, and available ONLY to you!