Personalized-7 - Personalized Snowman
Personalized-7 - Personalized Snowman
Personalized-7 - Personalized Snowman
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Personalized SNOWMAN Holiday Wall Art, Laser Cut Steel, Multi Sizes & Colors

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What has charcoal eyes and a carrot for a nose?  Well, Frosty of course!

The winter season is upon us and there is no better way to decorate your home than with this personalized metal snowman.  Lean it up against the wall in the entryway or use it to complement your home decor. 

Product Features

  • No special characters, no emojis, any character that would "float" or fall off the design because it's not attached to something else must be disregarded. Example: dash -- instead use a slash which can be attached both above and below.
  • Customization information is assumed to be correct as input by you. It will not be proofread or have production held to confirm that it is correct. Example: you input Smity. We might think it's Smith and, if we tried to reach you unsuccessfully to confirm that there was or was not an error while you were on a cruise vacation, your sign could sit in a holding pattern and potentially be late. So, we don't hold anything. PLEASE BE CERTAIN THAT YOUR INPUT IS CORRECT.
  • Apologies in advance but incorrect customization information that causes a sign to be produced in a way that is unusable to you cannot be refunded. If a redo is required with corrected data, we can work to discount and/or provide shipping relief for a reorder. Obviously if an error on our part is made during production that results in an unusable sign, we will replace and re-ship that at no cost to you.
  • Flat rate shipping of $8. Ship one or as many as you wish for a single $8 shipping fee!
  • Every shipment is covered by Route Package Protection to address shipping damages, misdeliveries and even porch pirates!
  • Steel - We carefully selected a highly durable, 18 gauge cold-rolled steel for this product, which is heavy enough to withstand a lifetime of use but light enough to manage and hang safely in a wide range of places.
  • Powder Coat - The powder coating process involves three basic steps: part preparation or the pre-treatment, the powder application, and curing. This creates a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint, making your piece safe for both indoor and outdoor use!

**Actual patina finish may vary from the product photo due to the unique oxidation process.

      Monogram Preview
      Magnetic Hanging Hardware

      Magnetic Hanging Hardware Kit



      Product description

      Hang your metal art with our super strong Magnetic Hanging Kit, which is designed to create a strong hook point on walls and ceilings. Each Magnetic Hanging Hardware Kit is strong enough to hang any decor piece and does absolutely no damage to your walls. Each magnet can support approximately a 26 lb vertical pull. These disc shaped magnets are perfect for hanging wall art and other DIY projects.  


      • Each kit comes with a set of 2 magnets and 2 screws
      • Each magnet holds up to 12kg/26lbs
      • Easy installation - takes less than 2 minutes